'30 Rock' Stars Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan Reveal Live-Show Worries

'Many things could go terribly wrong,' Fey warns MTV's 'The Seven.' 'So tune in!'

Ask any fervent "30 Rock" fan what they like most about the zany NBC comedy, and they'll likely spout some variation of how original or hilarious it is, or how obsessed they are with (insert star's name here) Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin.

The cast and crew will aim to please, in particular, the originality-loving wing of their fanbase when they go live for this week's episode. The "30 Rock" team will shoot one version for East Coast viewers and another for the West Coast audience. MTV's "The Seven" caught up with the show's stars to find out how they're preparing for Thursday's big event.

"I'll probably get my ankles taped up, put black marks under my eyes, pre-game warm-up, stretching," Morgan said on Tuesday's (October 12) episode. "Get one or two or three women pregnant," he joked. "My biggest fear about doing the live show? Somebody pulls the plug out of the wall."

For creator/writer/star Tina Fey — no stranger, of course, to live TV after years on "Saturday Night Live" — her biggest concern is her ... footwear.

"It seems that in this show I'm going to have to do the most running around the studio," Fey explained. "So I was a little nervous about that, but I think I literally asked the costume designer to get me black Easy Spirit sneakers; hopefully no one will see. I really need grandma-style shoes to run around the studio.

"Many things could go terribly wrong," she added. "So tune in!"

Fellow castmates Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski admitted that Morgan, who plays Tracy Jordan, might be their biggest obstacle, in that he's the castmember who most easily cracks them up.

"Tracy makes me laugh, whether he wants to or not," McBrayer said.

Potential outtakes or no, Morgan said he's committed to what's been written for him.

"I'm just going to stick to the script," he promised.

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