'Jackass 3D' Stars Say The Situation Acted 'Too Cool' For Steve-O

'Steve-O loved him too,' Wee Man says about how the Sitch brushed off the 'Jersey Shore' superfan at this year's VMAs.

Although Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has likely been earning thousands of new fans since starting his highly publicized stint on the latest season of "Dancing With the Stars," it seems the overly confident "Jersey Shore" stud might have some repair work to do if he wants votes from a few of his fellow MTV stars. The cast of "Jackass 3D" — including Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey and Ryan Dunn — have some beef with the Sitch.

"We do not like the Situation," Wee Man recently revealed to MTV News. "He cool-guy'd Steve-O at the VMAs."

"Cool-guy'd"? We needed a translation.

McGhehey explained that it was akin to brushing someone off with an uninterested nod of the head. "Cool-guy'd. Like, whateva," he said demonstrating with a turn of the neck.

"He was too cool for him," Acuña added.

"He was not that impressed with Steve-O," Lacy reiterated. "Go figure," Dunn joked.

"Uh-oh. Now we're starting sh--," McGhehey warned.

But Wee Man went on to clarify that this wasn't simply about being snubbed at a big awards show. What made the incident particularly irksome, he said, is that Steve-O is such a big fan of Sorrentino's hit show, "Jersey Shore."

"And Steve-O loved him too," Acuña said. We then pointed out that the Situation is technically following in Steve-O's footsteps with his "DWTS" gig. Perhaps he'll be eliminated soon?

"Soon," he laughed. "Not soon enough."

Still, in spite of the "Jackass" castmates' beef with the Sitch, Steve-O said the snub hadn't dimmed his appreciation for the reality series.

"I have a rescue dog named Walter, and Walter and I are such fans of the 'Jersey Shore' that we changed his name to DJ Wally D," Steve-O confessed. "Yeah, he pulled a little bit of a 'cool guy' routine," Steve-O confirmed. "But then again, that's kind of what he's supposed to do, right? Be a douche bag?" he laughed. "What am I, like, going to be shocked?"

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