Taylor Swift Was Surprised By Her 'Buried Life' Cameo

'I was like, 'They had a camera on that?' ' she recalls of appearing on 'Ask Out the Girl of Your Dreams' episode.

In this season's second episode of "The Buried Life," Taylor Swift unknowingly made an appearance when one of the show's stars, Duncan Penn, asked her out on a date.

Much to the singer's dismay, the plea, of course, ended up on television.

"I had absolutely no idea that that stuff was filmed, so there was this realization when I got an e-mail from my manager," she told MTV News while promoting her upcoming album Speak Now. "And he was like, 'Hey, can you approve this? It's this episode of episode of "The Buried Life," ' and I was like, 'They had a camera on that?' "

In the episode, Penn storms the CMT Awards to accomplish #59 on his buried list: Ask Out the Girl of Your Dreams. Swift eventually agreed to go out on a date with Penn, however, the details of their date remain a secret. "I'm not gonna tell you what happened after that," she teased.

In her sit-down with us, Swift also dished on "Back to December," one of the new songs from her album. The singer said it was her chance to apologize to a former boyfriend.

"Well, I've always sort of written songs about situations in life, things that needed to be said," she explained. "And I've always thought that, you know, I write songs about people who deserve to have songs written about them, and whatever they need to hear, whatever is the right thing to say to that person — ends up being said."

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