Ask President Obama A Question Via Twitter During MTV's Town Hall

Thursday's 'A Conversation With President Obama' will feature both audience questions and tweets.

This Thursday, MTV, BET, CMT, Tr3s, mtvU and Centric will air "A Conversation With President Obama," an hour-long, commercial-free town hall, held before an audience of 250 young people in Washington, D.C. But you don't have to be in the house to take part in the discussion. We want to hear from viewers everywhere.

Because while President Obama will be answering questions from the studio audience, the forum will also be streaming on,, and too. And while they watch, online viewers will also be able to take part, thanks to a special Twitter Tracker tool.

From now throughout the live show, Twitter users can submit questions for the town hall by using the hashtag "#ask" plus any specific issue of interest to them. So, if you'd like to ask President Obama about how he plans to create jobs, you'd tweet "#askjobs" and then your question. If it's a question about education, you'd tweet "#askeducation." The same can be done for comments about the event, using the hashtag "#comment," followed by your thoughts. Through the Twitter Tracker, which launches on Wednesday, users can submit questions directly on the site and watch to see which #ask topics are trending at the moment.

"A Conversation With President Obama," a production of MTV News and BET News, will be hosted by MTV News' Sway Calloway, BET's April Woodard and CMT's Katie Cook. The show will air live at 4 p.m. ET/ 3 p.m. CT (and tape-delayed at 4 p.m. PT) on MTV, BET, CMT, mtvU, Centric and Tr3s. The show will also be made available on-demand 30 days after its initial airing.

What do you want to ask President Obama? Share your questions in the comments before asking the president himself on Thursday!