Kanye West Lends A Hand To La Roux Remix

Reworking of U.K. duo's 'In for the Kill' contains a new verse by the MC.

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] has been working hard in the run-up to his forthcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Among his activities: previewing his new album at social media companies; premiering the long-form video for his latest single, "Runaway," overseas; and releasing new material every week as part of his G.O.O.D. Fridays project.

Now, Yeezy is adding a new activity to his docket: guest appearances on others' songs.

First, Yeezy lent his skills to Lloyd Banks' "Start It Up." On Tuesday (October 12) a remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill" that contains a new verse by the MC debuted on EW.com.

"I'm going in and I'mma go hard," 'Ye raps over the dance track, his lyrics paying homage to the Drake/ Lil Wayne/ Young Jeezy collab "I'm Goin' In." "I mean, what's the point if there ain't no scars/ A little teeth marks, blood on the collar/ That's real love.

"My American psycho/ An iller version of Ike, yo," he continues. "The Thriller version of Michael/ My recital is as bright as the light show up at the Eiffel/ A werewolf up in Paris, I'm living off your vitals."

During a Q&A with the British media earlier this month, West revealed that La Roux would appear on his forthcoming project. The duo recently appeared on MTV's "The Seven," where frontwoman Elly Jackson confirmed the collaboration.

"I've been doing stuff with him the last couple [of] days," she said during the interview.

"He's a very exciting person to be around," she continued. "He's a special breed of person. He's not quite like anyone I've ever met before. He's very, very, very creative. He comes up with ideas every five seconds."

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