Akon Goes For Stadium-Size Sound On New LP

' 'Cause I started getting bigger, the music kind of grew with it,' singer explains of effects of success, world travel.

[artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist] has travelled around the world as an artist, but the singer wasn't just racking up frequent flyer miles. 'Kon also soaked up the sounds of the countries he visited. So for his next project, Stadium, the songs are immersed in a worldly mix of dance music, hip-hop boasts, and R&B grooves.

The first single, the David Guetta-produced "Angel" is a synthy offering that embodies the direction Akon is taking.

"The music took a turn on its own," he explained during a visit to the MTV News offices on Mondday.

"I was always the kind of person that just do what I love to do. But as you grow, you experience different things. You start travelling, you start collaborating with different people [and] you start experiencing life bigger than just here. And I think that's what curved my music just to start growing bigger: 'cause I started getting bigger, the music kind of grew with it. I started creating elements that fit my lifestyle as I was living it now, 'cause I was the type of artist that created my music based from my experience. And nothing has changed," he added. "I'm still that type of artist. I'm always in Europe, always in Asia, always in India, always in Japan, always in Africa, the U.K., France, and this is the kind of music that I'm exposed to."

In addition to Guetta, Stadium will feature collaborations with Ludacris, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy associate Big Meech. Akon, in turn, is set to appear on Guetta's next project. The singer said the pair have developed a sound that will be showcased on their own albums as well as projects for others.

"I just do it to the best of my abilities, because I love how the energy flows," Akon said of joining forces with Guetta. " 'Cause I see it and how it makes people feel, how it turns the party out, how it blows the concerts out of the water and you're just like, 'This is it!' "

Stadium is tentatively due for a November release.

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