The Situation Explains His 'Aggressive' Flirting On 'Jersey Shore'

Despite what it looked like on Thursday's episode, Mike says he's 'never disrespectful' to women.

There's no doubt that Thursday's episode of [url id=""]"Jersey Shore"[/url] was not the Situation's finest hour. After establishing himself as the show's moral center — quashing various house beefs and staging gluttonous family dinners — Mike found himself on the outs with many of his roomies and facing accusations that his club-ready flirtation style was simply too aggressive.

This week, he could be seen lifting women into the air as they begged him to stop, and even Pauly D — the Situation's partner in all things involving the pumping of fists — admitted his buddy can become too intense when chatting up a lady. But Sitch doesn't see it that way at all.

"I'm never disrespectful in that fashion ever," he told MTV News. "I might be forward, not to be wasting my time or the girl's time. I definitely am aggressive — I'm not saying I'm not — but at the same time, I'm sweet and I'm genuine and I'm generous and I'm respectful."

What about that attempted robbery of Vinny's gal pal Ramona, wherein the Situation slid in for a bit of flirtation while Vin was in the bathroom?

"My intentions never were to steal his girl," he explained. "It's not necessarily that I don't do that. It's more if I do do that, not only do I do that thorough, you'll know I'm trying to take your girl."

Pauly, in contrast, declared he would never attempt to rob his friend. But as the Situation made clear, he and Pauly have distinctly different styles when it comes to hanging out at a club.

"He has ways of dealing with things, and I have ways of doing things," Mike explained. "I'm more aggressive, he's more passive. That's just the way things are."

"The way you see me on 'Jersey' is a snapshot, and you can't judge from a snapshot," he added. "There are so many things that you don't see that you're seeing on 'Dancing with the Stars.' You're seeing the full picture [on 'DWTS'], and then you're seeing a snapshot in 'Jersey.' "

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