30 Seconds To Mars Get Shirtless On The Set Of 'Hurricane'

Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson snaps bare-chested shots of lead singer Jared Leto in New york.

30 Seconds to Mars may have forbidden camera crews — or, at least, our camera crew — from the set of their "Hurricane" video. But that didn't stop celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, he of the eternal flannel and plastic-framed glasses, from showing up and snapping a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics.

On Thursday, Richardson posted a handful of photographs from the set of "Hurricane" on his blog. The black-and-white snaps show a frequently shirtless Jared Leto prowling the streets of New York City, posing with members of the NYPD and his mom, Constance (he's at least wearing a trenchcoat in that shot). The other guys in 30STM also make an appearance in one photograph, giving Richardson a very emphatic "thumbs up."

The pictures don't actually reveal much about the video itself, though eagle-eyed observers might be able to make out a sign for Walker Street in the background of some shots (hey, maybe they headed down to Santos Party House!). Last month, Leto told MTV News that the clip would be both "very ambitious" and very dirty.

" 'Hurricane' as a video, like I said before, is going to be very, very sexual," Leto said. "It's basically a meditation on the violence of sex, and the sex of violence ... and it's going to be quite an adventure."

Leto also said that Kanye West, who appears on the version of "Hurricane" that will appear on the forthcoming reissue of the band's 2009 album This Is War, might make a cameo in the video, adding that 'Ye would add "an interesting element" to the production. West isn't seen in any of Richardson's on-set photos, but it's still not too late: Shooting on "Hurricane" is reportedly set to continue Friday night.