Miley Cyrus Wonders 'Who Owns My Heart' In Sexy Dance Video

The pop princess becomes a club vixen in her new clip.

There comes a time in every pop princess' career when she must throw a sexy dance party and proclaim her womanhood. Back in 2001 Britney Spears did as much in "Slave 4 U," and this week, Miley Cyrus is doing the same in the video for her club-ready track "Who Owns My Heart."

Cyrus proclaimed her independence on "Can't Be Tamed," and now she's declaring her vamped-up party girl status. Cyrus, who will formally hit adulthood when she turns 18 next month, opens the video lying on a bed in hot pants, a tank top and a mask. She awakens from her disco nap to primp for her night out, but much like the crew from the "Jersey Shore," Cyrus has multiple costume changes before she actually dons her real party gear.

As she applies lipstick and mascara, she's ghetto fab chic in a fishnet hair wrap, rollers, heavy metal jewelry and more skimpy attire. As the beat pulses, Cyrus is in the backseat of a limo, singing about wondering whether she loves the guy she's dancing with or if the music just makes her feel that way. She pulls up to a posh house party, full of revelers who don't really seem to be concerning themselves with love and romance.

At the party, when she's not chilling out in the mansion's study, or writhing on a big, wooden table, she's on the dance floor grinding up against others. The video ends with Cyrus back in her fancy bedroom, once again waking up, perhaps ready for another night of dancing.

The single is from her latest album, Can't Be Tamed, which Cyrus said is all about girls empowering themselves. "It's just about freeing yourself from anything you think is holding you back," she explained to MTV News in June. "And I think that's really important, especially for girls, because so many people are told, 'No, you can't do something,' or, 'You need to be this because Mom and Dad say that, teachers say this.' "