'Stone' Star Milla Jovovich Recalls Fluffing De Niro's Pillow

'It was like, 'Bob are you OK? Can I fix the pillow?' ' actress says of shooting steamy love scenes.

From the outside looking in, some might argue that one of the biggest perks of being an actor is getting to "hook up" with a variety of partners for cinematic love scenes. And while the end results are often highlight-reel material (a.k.a. our coveted MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss), most actors agree that they're not as sexy as fans make them out to be.

Speaking to that subject, MTV News recently caught up with "Stone" actress Milla Jovovich, who shares a few steamy moments with Hollywood legend Robert De Niro. In the film, Jovovich plays the wife of a convicted arsonist (Edward Norton) who is sent by her husband to try and manipulate his parole officer (De Niro) into granting him an early release. We asked Milla about the scenes, specifically how she and De Niro prepared for the racy sequence.

"We didn't talk about it much beforehand," Jovovich said. "At the same time, I just wanted to make sure he was OK. We were sort of sliding around a little bit on these silk sheets. So it was like, 'Bob, are you OK? Can I fix the pillow?' And he was like, 'No, it's good, thank you.' "

Jovovich went on to say that despite any preconceived notions, the esteemed Oscar-winner is a sweetheart.

"You know he's a very sweet man and I think a lot of times ... obviously everybody has seen all of De Niro's movies, so you get this picture of him that I think his films really influence [your perception]," she said of De Niro's history of playing "these kind of fringe characters." "And so, of course, you come on set expecting him to be these characters when he isn't. I mean he's a really sweet guy and he's a really normal guy.

"Like Edward said, everybody has their process," she added. "You just have to be ready for anything."

Norton also seemed to echo Jovovich's warm feelings about co-star De Niro. "When I found out he was in ['Stone'], and he rang me up too and said, 'This could be really good for us,' that was exciting," Norton recalled to MTV News. "I definitely felt that this will be good for us, and we know each other's rhythms and we can really mix it up in a way that would be thrilling to me."

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