'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Is 'Ashamed' Of 'Idiot' Club Hook-Ups

'I'm embarrassed about what I did to her,' Ron tells MTV News about hurting girlfriend Sammi in season two.

Snooki and Sammi finally had a heart-to-heart on "Jersey Shore" about that infamous, anonymous note revealing all of Ronnie's creep-tastic behavior. Things between Sammi and JWoww, however, remained all kinds of awkward on Thursday's (October 7) episode.

Going unmentioned throughout the girls' attempts to squash their beef was what Ronnie did both behind Sammi's back (smooch other girls) and right in front of her face (crawl into bed with her afterwards). She's already spoken out about the way her man "screwed me over, messed me up."

Now it's Ronnie's turn, and he's being brutally honest about his misdeeds.

"I watch [the show] and I'm just like, 'You're an idiot. You are an idiot," he told MTV News.

The couple have since repaired their relationship and have been seen the last few episodes getting funky at the club and cuddling in bed in the mornings. But Ronnie can't take back what he did earlier in the season. He remains proud of his girl-getting talents in the club, but still can't wrap his head around the way he treated Sam. Ron confessed he's mortified by the entire thing.

"When I saw myself in the club with those girls [it] was, 'Wow, you're the man right now at the club. You look f---ing awesome,' " he said of watching the episodes in recent weeks. "And then when I go home to Sam, I'm like, 'Wow, I'm embarrassed. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm embarrassed about what I did to her.' "

And while they're back to being lovebirds rather than adversaries, the fallout from the note continues to affect Sam. She's struggling without much female companionship: Angelina has left the house, Snooki is tentatively warming up, and JWoww remains an enemy.

"Now, that [Angelina is] gone, I'm on my own completely and it sucks because now what am I going to do, be up Ron's ass all the time?" Sammi says on the show. "I don't want to do that. What the hell am I going to do?"

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