'Life As We Know It' Star Josh Duhamel Talks Babies With Fergie

'I have no doubt she'll be an amazing mom,' he tells MTV News of his superstar wife.

Josh Duhamel plays a new dad in "Life as We Know It," which hit theaters Friday (October 8). In the movie, his and Katherine Heigl's characters find themselves the adoptive parents to their late friends' baby. Duhamel seems very comfortable hanging out with babies, but as it turns out, his equally famous wife, Fergie, is a little anxious around infants.

"[She's] not afraid of children; she just hasn't had as much experience with little ones," the "Transformers" star told MTV News. "She's great with kids when they grow up a little bit more, when she can interact with them."

Not that Duhamel has any doubts about what may happen once he and his wife decide to start a family. "It only takes a day until you get used to holding a baby," he said. "I have no doubt she'll be an amazing mom."

While Duhamel has nothing but glowing reviews for Fergie's motherly instincts, it seems his "Life as We Know It" co-star is quite fond of his daddy qualities. "Oh my God! The best of the best! He's fantastic," Heigl gushed. "He's really good with children. They sort of flocked to him. I think it's a pheromone thing. I think he puts off, like, a chocolate-cookie scent to children. They love him, and those triplets [who played the baby in the movie] loved him.

"It was upsetting on certain days, because I was like, 'But I'm a new mom and I should have the touch!' " she joked. " 'And I clearly don't have the touch and you do!' "

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