The Situation Defends His Snooki 'Love Tap' On 'Jersey Shore'

Snooks, however, described the incident as a 'slap in the face' on the show.

Just call it a "love tap."

That's how the Situation describes one of the most talked-about moments from Thursday's episode of episode of "Jersey Shore." It all went down when Sitch was trying to round up the roomies after a night at the club. Snooki didn't want to leave, and to get her attention, he raised up his hand to her.

"Don't f---ing slap me in the face and tell me that I need to go home," Snickers said on the show.

But to hear it from the Situation, all he was trying to do was keep her safe and avoid another incident like the one that went down during season one, when a drunken bar-hopper punched Snooki in the face.

"Snooki sometimes drinks a little too much," he explained to MTV News. "She is unaware of her surroundings and unaware of what's going on. Everybody was leaving, and she was the only one staying there. We usually go as a group and stay as a group. To avoid what happened in season one, I really wanted to try and keep an eye on her and not necessarily slap some sense into her, but let her know, 'Hey, you can't be here by yourself. You're a little girl, and the whole group was leaving.' It was a little love tap."

While the Situation maintained he had the best of intentions, he does acknowledge that he might have "went about it the wrong way or went about it too seriously." Yet he stopped short of expressing regret for his actions, adding, "I never regret anything."

"It's not like I punched somebody in the face," he continued. "It's not like I did a full smack, a hard smack. It was a little tap to her cheek. Like, 'Wake up, you're going to get hurt.' And if you care for somebody, that is definitely acceptable, because you're looking out for somebody."

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