Pitbull Returns The 'Jersey Shore' Love

'They really have shown me love, and I appreciate it,' Miami rapper says of reality show cast.

[artist id="1678002"]Pitbull[/artist] doesn't get a lot of time to watch TV. What with the recording sessions for his upcoming star-studded album Planet Pit, his participation in the So Kodak promotion for the new Easyshare camera and all that time he has to spend keeping the ladies happy, you can bet Mr. 305's TiVo is a bit neglected.

But when MTV News talked to Pitbull on Wednesday morning on the phone from his home in Miami — where he's recuperating from a broken hand sustained on Monday night after what he described as "one of those good nights where you're having too much fun" — the rapper said there's one show he can't turn off if it does happen to pop up on his screen.

"I hardly watch any TV," said Pit. "But the thing about the 'Jersey Shore' is when you do catch a glimpse, you get stuck and you can't turn it off."

There's good reason for Pitbull to share his love for the East Coast reality stars. After all, his latest smash, a collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on "I Like It," is the first single off the "Jersey Shore" soundtrack and one of the biggest hits of Pit's career.

While he didn't run into the cast earlier this year when they were tearing up the Miami nightlife scene or shooting the video for the song, the rapper did meet them on the white carpet at this year's VMAs, where he exchanged some kind words with Snooki and the gang. "They really showed me some love on my last single with Akon, 'Shut It Down,' and Snooki talked about it a lot on the show. So they really have shown me love, and I appreciate it."

In fact, during a truly epic car ride MTV News took with Snooki on the way to the Grammys in February, the pint-size "Jersey" juggernaut had only one request when it came to what music she wanted to hear on the stereo.

"Find me some house music! Pitbull, that 'You Want Me' song!" she screamed while putting the finishing touches on her makeup, referring to the Pit hit "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)." And, wouldn't you know it? A few flips of the dial brought up the song and all was good in Snookiland.