James Franco Says Don't Expect A Sex Tape

'I don't document certain activities in my life,' the '127 Hours' star laughs.

[movieperson id="264077"]James Franco[/movieperson] plays a hiker who chops off his arm in the forthcoming Danny Boyle flick "127 Hours." And while the real-life character Franco plays in the movie, Aron Ralston, was comfortable documenting everything from the very minor to the most gruesome moments, the actor says he isn't that cool when it comes to capturing his off-camera moments.

"You just missed my manager. He was documenting all of this in case you guys replay this [interview] in some false way or make Danny [Boyle] and I look bad," he joked to MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival. "We'll have the real document."

OK, so Franco isn't completely opposed to having his private moments filmed, but fans shouldn't expect anything involving Franco to be NSFW.

"I don't document certain activities in my life," he laughed when asked whether there might be any potential sex tapes floating around. "But for certain projects, I do. So when I was on 'General Hospital,' I documented all of that because that was the furthest step of that project," he explained of the unusual gig.

Franco said he's also not into making video messages for friends or posting personal clips on YouTube. "I guess I do YouTube," he admitted, "but that's more worked-up skits and sketches, but I don't really document my own life in that way."

As for his next on-camera role, Franco gave us the scoop about the dangerous position he found himself in during filming on "127 Hours." For one scene, Franco was rappelling down the steep face of a mountain when he slipped and experienced the terrifying sensation of falling. He was rigged with safety lines, of course, but the actor said he was "scared for a second."

"I yelled out a couple times, 'Eff!' " he recalled of another frightening instance when he struggled for 15 minutes to tie up a harness with just one hand. "That was the character and me blurring at that moment. It really showed that the way we approached the performance is authentic on a real level, blurring the line of acting and experiencing."

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