Gucci Mane Says He's Teaming With Master P To Make Films

'That's a field I never got into, movies, and I want to get into,' Gucc tells MTV News.

Gucci Mane and Master P are in business together, and the pair's relationship has slowly developed, starting with La Flare's tribute to the No Limit founder at "VH1 Hip Hop Honors: The Dirty South" over the summer.

Now, Gucci has pulled P into his camp to help oversee his career. Their first project? Master P will help produce a film for Gucci Mane to star in.

"Me and P are doing two movies," Gucci told MTV News. "That's a field I never got into, movies, and I want to get into. So I want to get money with somebody I want to, so I reached out to him. ... My boys want to do movies, so why not with someone who has done it before and keep it in-house?"

The Atlanta rap star changed management earlier this year when he was released from prison, swapping out Deb Antney (formerly Nicki Minaj's manager and currently managing her son, Waka Flocka Flame). Gucci announced the formation of a new team that will guide his career, consisting of First Avenue Management, the CAA agency and business manager David Bolno. Now, it appears, Master P will also lend a hand to Gucci Mane's affairs.

Gucci said he simply asked P to work with him. "I just walked up to him and told him, like I'm talking to you. That's how I am," he explained. "I'm an open book."

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