Drake Calls It's Never Enough 'Soundtrack To A Toronto Winter'

'It's like bitter cold, find someone to love and stay inside,' Drizzy says of upcoming mixtape's vibe.

Drake has said he's looking to drop his latest mixtape, It's Never Enough, around Christmas, which would be perfect timing, considering the vibe of his upcoming effort is all about enduring the tough, wintry Canadian weather.

"It's just some slow, riding music," Drizzy told MTV News at the launch of the "So Kodak" campaign at New York's Best Buy Theater on Tuesday. "I spent all my winters in Toronto, man, and you have no idea what that's like. It's like bitter cold, find someone to love and stay inside, and that's exactly what I'm making: the soundtrack to a Toronto winter."

Enough may be shaping up as a suite of tracks aimed to bring the heat during cold-weather trysts, however, Drake said the mixtape will be crammed with speaker-singeing bars as well as swoon-worthy belting.

"There's actually rapping on there, to be honest with you," Drake revealed. "It was hard for me to do a whole mixtape full of singing."

Die-hard Drizzy heads can also expect the bedroom burners that powered his early mixtapes. "This is me, this is 'Sooner Than Later,' this is 'Brand New,' this is the slow jams that I'm known for," he said. Although he samples the eponymous album-opener of TLC's 1999 LP FanMail for "I Get Lonely Too," the first offering from Enough, he said the mixtape will be largely devoid of covers. He simply lifted the vibe of the TLC album cut to set up the feel of Enough.

"It's a nod to a phenomenal group. Not a lot of people booked it, but it's like the fan-mail tribute to TLC. It's not a single. It's not to be taken like, 'This is it. This is the one. We're working it to radio. I'm shooting the video in two weeks.' It's just like some music for you to listen to."

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