Miguel Avoids 'Mega-Producers' On Major-Label Debut

'The music is gonna show that it's all about the music, it's not about the name,' singer says of All I Want Is You.

[artist id="1311078"]Miguel[/artist]'s sultry, J. Cole-assisted single "All I Want Is You" was produced by Salaam Remi, a behind-the-boards powerhouse who has worked with chart-topping voices from Amy Winehouse to Nas. However, for much of his Jive Records debut, All I Want Is You, Miguel said that instead of turning to songsmiths with hit-packed discographies, he opted to work with production stars familiar with his sound.

"As far as the album goes I wanted to keep a continuity, and not in the sense of just ... topics, as far as the album being ... cohesive, but also in the sound. So I wanted to keep producers that I already had built great rapport with and understood what I wanted to accomplish sonically," he explained to MTV News. "Between [producers] Fisticuffs, Happy Perez, State of Emergency and Dre & Vidal, that's it. I wasn't really looking for super-mega-producers. I think the music is gonna show that it's all about the music, it's not about the name."

Although he's not looking to pack the studio with super-producers, the California native has no ban on hitting the stage with major hitmakers. He'll spend October sharing opening duties with Philadelphia songbird Jazmine Sullivan for R&B royalty Mary J. Blige. Then, in November and December, he's slated to rock Usher's OMG Tour.

Whether he's ripping stages with R&B superstars or crafting album gems with up-and-coming producers, Miguel maintained that he strives for originality in all of his projects.

"Life is all about individuality, and I think that's my mantra. My mantra is to 'Aspire to Inspire' and I think there's nothing more inspiring than individuality and a person knowing who they are and [being] open to discovering more about who they are," he said. "Just everyone out there who's doing anything that they love or wants to do anything that they love, just keep being you and just be fly. 'Cause that's all it takes, is to be yourself."

All I Want Is You is currently slated to drop on November 30.

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