Lady Gaga's Born This Way Is 'Bold And Beautiful,' Semi Precious Weapons Say

'She really wants her new album to feel like freedom,' frontman Justin Tranter tells MTV News.

Being the opening act on Lady Gaga's never-ending Monster Ball Tour has afforded the gentlemen in [artist id="2048924"]Semi Precious Weapons[/artist] some rather, uh, unique opportunities, the overwhelming majority of which we can't print here.

But there are perks besides the debauchery too — like getting to hear Gaga's ultra-anticipated new album Born This Way, which isn't due until next year. And after some prodding, we got SPW frontman Justin Tranter to give us a few details about the album, which, from the sound of things, is shaping up to be quite an experience.

"It's bold and it's beautiful," Tranter said. "Obviously, none of it's done, so I can't really speak on it, but the stuff she has played me is really, really beautiful and really, really bold."

That echoes what Gaga herself said about the album earlier this year, when she promised that Born This Way would feature "a lot of hit records that will piss people off." And she didn't stop there either.

"This album is my absolute greatest work I've ever done, and I'm so excited about it," she told RWD magazine. "The message, the melodies, the direction, the meaning, what it will mean to my fans and what it will mean in my own life — it's utter liberation."

And that sense of liberation stuck with Tranter too. Because based on what he's heard, Born This Way is definitely going to set some people free.

"Gaga was so excited when she found out the title of our album, You Love You. She couldn't believe it, because it fit so well into the idea of the Monster Ball and the ideas she's exploring on this album," he said. "Everything she says is that she really wants her new album to feel like freedom — that's what she keeps saying over and over."

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