Trey Songz Wants 'Can't Be Friends' To 'Touch Your Heart'

Crooner says he wants to evoke 'emotions' on new single about platonic friends crossing the line.

[artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] says there are two sides to him. There's the club-going, "Bottoms Up" version and then there's the mature "Can't Be Friends" Trey. He needed both to make his new album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure, complete.

"There comes a point in an artist's career where, after you've reached a certain level of success, people are looking for you to bring them the real, bring them something to just connect with," Trey told MTV News about "Can't Be Friends," the second single from his LP. " 'Can't Be Friends' is a record that I feel everyone can relate to at some point or another ... it's going back to classic Trey."

We caught up with the singer on Tuesday night at the Best Buy Theater in Manhattan, where he and Drake performed as part of the kickoff for the "So Kodak" campaign. Songz said the song selection was deliberate.

" 'Bottoms Up,' of course, was the obvious record to catch your attention; obvious smash club record. But with a record like 'Can't Be Friends,' it's a record where I'm trying to, you know, touch your heart," he continued. "I want your emotions to be evoked as you listen to this record."

While he admitted that emotional songs like 'Friends' might appeal to some of his fanbase more than others, Trey said to him it's all the same.

"When I make records, no matter the type of record, although there is some strategy and some type of thought put into the demographic, it's all the art. It's about what's real to me. ... Like, I said people relate to that and the influence it will have on people's lives," he added. "Some people may think it's considered mature, but it's all bringing art back to the artist."

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