Lauren Conrad Calls Two New Books 'Very, Very Different'

'When you're writing a novel, it's you and a computer,' she says, comparing 'Sugar and Spice' with 'Lauren Conrad Style.'

Lauren Conrad the author is back with the final novel of her "L.A. Candy" book series, "Sugar and Spice," as well as the fashion manual "Lauren Conrad Style." The mind-set she had when sitting down to complete both books, which were released Tuesday, left her in two very different places, she said.

"The two books, as far as the writing process, were very, very different," she told MTV News on Tuesday evening in New York City, where she had a book signing. "When you're writing a novel, it's you and a computer. And with the style book, it was a five-day photo shoot. It was a lot of fashion polls, a lot of research."

LC, however, didn't have to do all the work solely on her own. Lucky for her, she had some help. "I was working with other people: My makeup artist and my hair stylist both contributed. My personal stylist helped out a lot," she said of "Lauren Conrad Style." "So it was working with a lot of different people."

While the style guide was new for LC, releasing another "L.A. Candy" book is old habit. But Conrad said it's bittersweet to bid the franchise's heroine, Jane Roberts, goodbye. "It's nice. It's great to kind of tie it off," she said. "And I like the way I was able to end it. It's a little sad, because I did enjoy writing them and it's over now. But I'm glad."

Back in June 2009, when LC released "L.A. Candy," she said her own experiences as a reality-TV star were only a starting point for the novel. "I think people already think some of the characters are based on certain characters, but the thing is, I think everyone has certain people in their life," she said of parallels with her real life. "Everyone has someone they really don't get along with. Everyone has a best friend. They have their parents. They have all these different people in their life and so does this character [Jane] and they all represent different people who change you."

Then in February 2010, when "Sweet Little Lies" hit shelves, she hoped it would show fans the other side of reality fame. "I think that if fans take anything away from the book, [they should realize] there's a back side to every story," she explained. "And when you're reading tabloids and seeing these people's lives exposed, it does affect them and it is hard to go through as a young girl."

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