Kelly Clarkson Dishes On New LP In Impromptu Twitter Q&A

After a fan inquires about upcoming album, pop star tweets release date details, touring plans and more before going 'off to dinner.'

[artist id="1231768"]Kelly Clarkson[/artist] has been keeping a pretty low profile. But turns out it's for good reason: The "American Idol" alum has been steadily working on her next album. On Monday, Clarkson took to Twitter to answer a fan's question about the status of her album, and the tweeting unexpectedly became a Q&A as Kelly dished details regarding her follow-up to last year's All I Ever Wanted.

In a tweet that had fans rejoicing, Kelly revealed that she's nearly finished with the recording process, tweeting, "We've almost completed the album. We're gonna have way too many songs to pick from ....and that part sucks :("

While it might be too late for the project, which she has previously described as "Garbage-meets-pop-meets-Muse," to make it to shelves this year, the songstress said she's planning for an early 2011 release with a single coming even sooner. "Probably not till the beginning of the year but my single will come out before that. It takes too long. I'm bored & ready 2 tour:)," she admitted.

Asked by another fan if there would be songs similar to the ones from her not-so-commercial LP My December, she said, "There is definitely one song that could have been on My December and it's also a duet ....and I'm not saying who yet :)"

Clarkson also tweeted that the still-untitled album will feature two duets, but offered only hints at who the guests might be. "There are actually 2 duets on the new record & I have at some point sang w/both of these artists before but not on record," she teased.

Aside from the duets, the project will include her favorite song from the recording sessions, "You Love Me," and "You Still Won't Know What It's Like," produced by Jason Halbert, who worked on her angsty single "Never Again."

Clarkson, who has seen some of her material leaked onto the Internet, said she's hoping to keep the new songs under wraps this time around. "Well no [one] has stolen it quite yet but as far as my luck goes with hacking, maybe sooner than I want you too ha!" she joked about when fans might hear the tracks.

The album may also include contributions from her "My Life Would Suck Without You" songwriter Claude Kelly.

"Kelly Clarkson is kind of a force of her own," he told MTV News earlier this year. "Her voice and her mood determine what she does. So I just want to do what's on her heart 'cause that's how you get the best songs out of an artist like that, is for them to sing what they really mean."

What direction would you like to see Kelly take on her next album? More pop? More rock-oriented? Tell us in the comments!