Lil Wayne Jokes That Madonna Should Play His Homecoming Concert

Weezy also marvels at poignant fan mail during phone call with MTV's 'The Seven.'

With a little more than three weeks to go before his November 4 release date, Lil Wayne's Young Money/ Cash Money family is already planning a celebratory "Weezy Weekend." In a phone call to MTV's "The Seven," broadcast on Tuesday's (October 5) episode, Wayne revealed a surprising choice for a guest performer at a homecoming concert in his honor: the Material Girl.

"Madonna," Wayne deadpanned. Of course, he quickly added with a laugh, "That was a joke. It doesn't matter, man, I just want to see the fans and I want them to see me, that's all."

The rapper also talked about how he looks forward to the piles of mail that fans send him.

"Honestly, I await the mail every day, just to open one up and see what somebody is saying. Reading the fan mail, man, you never expect what you see when you open those letters," Wayne said. "Somebody talking about, 'I have this incurable disease, but your music makes me feel like I don't even have a disease,' " he marveled. "You can't even believe it."

On Monday, the Grammy-winner was placed in solitary confinement stemming from a violation in May, when prison guards found he'd been keeping a pair of headphones and an MP3 player charger in his cell.

"All legends have their [flaws]," Weezy's protégé, Drake, told CBS' Katie Couric on Tuesday in response to a question about Wayne's confinement. "It's definitely unfortunate what just happened [but] I think the most important thing is we're just counting down the days. It's not 150 days, not 200 days, not 800 days, it's 29 more days. ... We have our Miami Heat tickets together. I'm just waiting for my man to come home."

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