Emma Stone Cast In 'Spider-Man' Reboot As Gwen Stacy

Actress was rumored to be up for the part of Mary Jane Watson.

This week is shaping up to be a big one for comic book movie news. First, Zack Snyder was announced as the "Superman" reboot director, and now Emma Stone has been confirmed in a leading role alongside "The Social Network" actor Andrew Garfield in Marc Webb's reimagining of "Spider-Man" — albeit with a bit of bait and switch.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Stone had been offered the role of Spidey's love interest Mary Jane Watson, but Sony announced Tuesday (October 5) that the "Easy A" actress will be playing the web-slinger's other love interest, Gwen Stacy.

The Mary Jane Watson role seemed a perfect fit, if only because both MJ and Stone are redheads (at least that is Stone's current hair color). However, according to a statement from Webb, it seems Stone has more in common with Gwen Stacy than we originally thought.

"The chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice," Webb said. "At the heart of the story of Peter Parker is not only the amazing Spider-Man, but also an ordinary teenager who is wondering what he has to do to get the girl. Andrew and Emma will bring everything audiences expect to these roles, but also make them their own," he explained. "Much to my surprise, it was fun to find out that our choice for Gwen (Emma) is also a natural blonde."

Now all eyes and ears will be tuned in to see who will be cast as Mary Jane, a role most recently occupied by Kirsten Dunst in the Tobey Maguire/ Sam Raimi adaptation. Perhaps the ladies who were reportedly up for the role of Gwen might also be considered for MJ: Dianna Agron ("Glee"), Mia Wasikowska ("Alice in Wonderland"), Georgina Haig ("Wasted on the Young") or Dominique McElligott (indie hit "Moon").

"Spider-Man" will reportedly begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3-D on July 3, 2012.

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