Black Eyed Peas To Go Back To The Beginning

Follow-up to chart-smashing The E.N.D. drops November 30.

The Black Eyed Peas have already taken millions of us to The E.N.D., so it only makes sense that on their upcoming album they're going to take us back to The Beginning. That's the name of the sequel to last year's nearly triple-platinum album, which just last week fell out of the top 40 on the Billboard albums chart after more than a year on the tally. A spokesperson for the band's label confirmed the title of the LP and its November 30 release date to MTV News.

In a recent interview from the set of and Nicki Minaj's "Check It Out" video, BEP leader revealed that the band has a new collaborator on the disc: Damien "DJ Ammo" LeRoy, who worked on four songs. According to his online bio, the little known, Los Angeles-based Ammo regularly DJs all over the world and has played parties for Will, BEP singer Fergie and Outkast. Ammo is also behind remixes for the Veronicas and the BEPs and produced Kelis' single "4th of July (Fireworks)," which was released on Will's label via Interscope.

Will said that in addition to producing three songs himself on the 12-track Beginning, dance-floor master David Guetta had a hand in producing two others. Describing the prequel to The Associated Press back in July, Will described it as symbolizing "growth, new beginnings and starts, fresh new perspective."

The Peas have a tough act to follow, considering The E.N.D. is certified double-platinum in the U.S. and has produced three #1 singles, including the mega-smashes "I Gotta Feeling" and "Boom Boom Pow." A first single from the album is tentatively due in October and while fans haven't heard it yet, recently broke down his hit-making strategy for MTV's "The Seven."

"We call it 'A-B-ing.' Anything you make, there's nothing new under the sun. So there's always an 'A and B' to whatever your approach is," he said of producing smashes for everyone from Usher to Estelle and Nicki Minaj. "So if you want a song to be a big #1 smash, then you have to play a Michael Jackson song while you're making your song."

He said using an artist such as Jackson as a benchmark will usually let a producer know if a track really has that "It" factor. "What you don't want to do is have a 'hit record' and then turn it on and it isn't as loud as Michael Jackson's."

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