Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Get New NYC-Based Reality Show

The sisters are set to take Manhattan in a new E! series.

They've done L.A. They've done Miami. So, what's left for the enterprising Kardashian clan? Well, now it's time for at least two of the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney, to make New York City all their own.

Middle sister Kim took to her blog to confirm the latest reality show centered on her family. "It's official! Kourtney and I have moved to NYC to film our brand new show for E! Kourtney and Kim Take New York!!!!" she wrote. "I could not be more excited to spend the next couple of months in one of my favorite cities! When we decided to open a new DASH store in the city, Kourt and I felt that someone needed to be here to help out with the store and make sure everything was running smoothly. After talking with my family, I decided that I would join Kourtney, [Kourtney's boyfriend] Scott [Disick] and [their son] Mason in NYC.

"Not only do I get to spend some quality time with Kourt, I also get to hang out with Masey as much as I want. I can't imagine being away from him for so long!" Kim continued. "We'll be filming the show over the next couple of months and capturing all the fun and drama that will no doubt unfold along the way. Get ready NYC ... Kim and Kourtney are in town!!!"

Similarly, older sister Kourtney blogged about moving their hectic life to the Big Apple. "Mason, Kim, Scott and I arrived in NYC," she wrote. "So excited for some fall in the Big Apple. No place better."