Lil Wayne Moved To Solitary Confinement

Rapper was once again caught with MP3 player and headphones in his cell, TMZ reports.

Editor's note: Corrections officials clarified on Tuesday (October 5) that Wayne's solitary confinement was as a result of the May incident and that it was delayed because of more serious cases ahead of his.

Lil Wayne has about a month left on his prison stint — he's been locked up on Rikers Island since March on a gun-possession charge — and he recently got into a bit of trouble. Again.

The rapper was found with a pair of headphones and a charger for an MP3 player, and another inmate was said to be hiding the MP3 player, TMZ reports. The rapper has reportedly been placed in solitary confinement for the infraction.

The new report is reminiscent of a similar incident back in May, when the rapper was busted for having a charger, headphones and a watch that doubled as an MP3 player in his jail cell.

For this new trouble, Wayne will have less interaction with inmates and will spend up to 23 hours a day in an isolation cell, TMZ reports. His out-of-cell time is limited to religious services and one hour of recreational time. His phone privileges also have been reduced to just one personal phone call a week.

No word on whether this recent setback will affect his release date, which is tentatively scheduled for November 4. If he still is out that day, the rumor was that the rapper will hold a concert November 5 at New York's Madison Square Garden, where his last performance was before he turned himself in to authorities. But the head of his label, Cash Money Records' Bryan "Baby" Williams, said earlier Monday that while plans for Wayne's post-prison celebration are still being worked out, they'll most likely take place in Miami, not New York.