Travie McCoy Channels Michael Jackson, Shrek In 'Need You' Video

'I probably was pretty close to getting electrocuted, but, overall, it was a fun time,' he says of water-logged shoot.

Now that he's cleared the air regarding "Circle the Drain," the rather acrimonious kiss-off penned by his ex, Katy Perry, [artist id="3574923"]Travie McCoy[/artist] is ready to move forward — with a video that's looking backward, of course.

McCoy just shot a clip for "Need You," the next single from his Lazarus album, and, as he recently told MTV News backstage at a Hennessey Artistry event in New York, it's the kind of thing that draws inspiration from classics of the past.

"We just shot a video the other day, in Chinatown in L.A. We got these crazy neon lights. ... It's a really amazing video. I can't wait to see the first cut, because I know when I saw the playback, it looked absolutely stunning," McCoy said. "I'd equate it to, kind of like Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video. You know, I'm kind of pursuing this chick. But, take out Michael Jackson and add Shrek. In Chinatown."

Of course, channeling Shrek is a lot tougher than you'd think and apparently included some rather intense (and water-logged) scenes — courtesy of director Luga Podesta — that left McCoy literally shocked. But he didn't really mind. After all, at this point, he's a total professional.

"There's a scene we shot with rain. It was about 6 in the morning, it was freezing, and we had to do it about three times, and I was soaking wet in this fake rain," he laughed. "I had this in-ear monitor that was wireless, and it was getting wet and shorting out, so there's a part where I couldn't hear the words, and I probably was pretty close to getting electrocuted, but, overall, it was a fun time, man."

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