'Bored To Death' Stars Reveal 'Death Is A Drop Away'

Jason Schwartzman tells MTV News things get a lot more dangerous in HBO show's second season.

"Bored to Death" wrapped up its premiere season of intellectual fisticuffs and booze-and-sex-filled depravity with Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson taking turns as amateur boxers. The fights, it hardly needs saying, didn't go well.

The second season picks up exactly where we left off — if not with our three heroes flat on their backs in a boxing ring, then with the same sort of lascivious behavior and cerebral conversations we've come to know: Schwartzman gets involved with an S&M club, Danson engages in some vampire-themed sexual role play, and Galifianakis writes a comic based on the idea of superpowers gained through electrocuted genitalia.

A few months ago, MTV News visited the HBO show's New York set to take in the action and get the scoop on what we can expect during upcoming episodes.

"We would have never thought we'd get to the second season if you'd seen the show," Galifianakis joked during a break in shooting.

"Everything is running smoothly, and we're on the top of our game.

"I don't want to give too much away, because I don't want the nerds to get online and start, 'Oh boy, Zach said ...,' " he added with a laugh.

Galifianakis plays Ray, the comic-writing sidekick to Schwartzman's Jonathan, a struggling novelist who starts up an amateur private-eye operation. Danson is George, a high-profile magazine editor more interested in wining and dining than line-editing. This season, George continues to drown in his various vices, while Galifianakis hinted to us that Ray's relationship with Jonathan changes.

"We fall in love in the first episode, and in the second episode, we realize that we're brothers," he joked. "It's super-confusing, but we decide to just get married."

Right. If we're not going to get a Jonathan/Ray lovefest, fans should look forward to Jonathan getting himself into far more danger than in the first season.

"There's a lot more action, and the stakes are higher," Schwartzman said. "In a couple of [episodes], I could almost die, which really wasn't the case last year. At worst, I could have gotten beat up or mauled, but this year, death is a drop away."

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