Rihanna Says She Might Shoot Video With Drake

The two collaborated on a track for Rihanna's upcoming Loud LP.

Sometimes office romances work out, even if the romance part doesn't. In the music industry, that means that after a fling and a breakup, two professionals like Drake and Rihanna can hook up again — this time musically. The pair have worked on a track for Rihanna's forthcoming Loud release, and she recently confirmed that she'd be into making a video for the still untitled track, a suggestion that Drake made recently.

"Drake is such a cool guy. He is one of my great friends. We actually just did a song together. It's going to be on my album," she told ThisIsMax.net. "The second song we did another version with him. We may even shoot a video for it. I went out with him, Trey [Songz] and J. Cole recently. We had a lot of fun."

While Drake was equally tight-lipped about the track when he caught up with MTV News last month, he did seem keen on doing something visual with Rihanna for the song. "I just did this great song," he explained. "I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about it. I just did this great song with Rihanna; hopefully we can do a video for it. I'm really excited about that."

Drake also dished about working with Rihanna earlier this year, but it's unclear whether he was referring to a different track from the one he talked about in September. "I guess I'm living a dream," he explained in June 2009. "I enjoy a challenge. I've never in my mind felt like, 'Oh, I could probably write something crazy for Rihanna.' That wasn't my first thought. But being put up to the task, we're coming up with some special stuff. It's crazy, man. All I could do is smile. It's nice."

So what's his relationship with Rihanna like now? "Yeah, it's just work. Me and Rihanna are just me and Rihanna," Drake said. "We're cool and she's great, man. She's a great person, definitely."

But back to Loud. Rihanna, during her chat with ThisIsMax.net, revealed that the album will "exude the energy and space I'm in right now. That's what I always try and do with my music. Right now in my life I feel very loud and in charge of my life and I can't wait for everyone to hear the new album. It has such a variety of sounds, but it all makes sense for this album. There is a song on the album that is a straight-up Jamaican record, and I love it. I even do a little chat on it at the end."