'Die Hard 5' Script Almost Ready, Bruce Willis Says

'We have a script. They're making a couple changes right now,' actor tells us.

Bruce Willis might want to add a dictionary to his arsenal of handguns and foulmouthed tough talk for "Die Hard 5." Because a little case of mistaken word usage caused a whole lot of confusion this past summer when the 55-year-old action star dished an update about the fifth film in the cop franchise.

"It's imminent," Willis told us at Comic-Con in July.

This weekend, however, while promoting his upcoming adaptation of the comic book series "Red," Willis sought to clarify exactly what he meant by "imminent" ... and it had nothing to do with the word the Oxford English Dictionary defines as "about to happen."

"I think I might have said the word wrong," he confessed. "I thought 'imminent' meant that you have a lot of 'em. So I have to apologize for that."

He wasn't kidding, and clarified off camera that he was truly embarrassed to have misemployed that word. While the cameras were still rolling, Willis told us "Die Hard 5" is likely to shoot next year and that a draft of the script is already complete.

"It's probably going to happen in 2011," he said.

That info jibes with what Willis told us about the project as far back as last February, when he also suggested the plot should unspool on a global scale. Now Willis has revealed that a draft of the script, which the The Hollywood Reporter said in May would likely be penned by Skip Woods ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine"), has been finished.

"We have a script," Willis said. "They're making a couple changes right now."

Any more details to share?

"What it is, and I hope this is the right word, it's affluent," he deadpanned. " 'Die Hard 5' is affluent. Does that mean any day now? F---! Then I should stop talking about it."

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