Plies Returns To His 'Mixtape Foundation'

'The streets were asking for it,' rapper says of You Need People Like Me, in Mixtape Daily

Monday's Main Pick

Hip-Hop's Favorite Goon: Plies

Holding It Down For: Fort Myers, Florida

Mixtape: You Need People Like Me

Real Spit: Plies has cranked out club hit after hit for the mainstream masses while being criticized for leaving his core audience at bay.

Have no fear, the dynamic duo Plies and DJ Scream are here to restore order.

In an effort to keep his street audience content, the Algernod has released the 14-track street album You Need People Like Me, marking his official return to the mixtape circuit.

"It was all about going back to my ... mixtape foundation," said Plies from an Atlanta studio. "Hooking back up with a person [DJ Scream] that at the beginning of my career we made an antique of a mixtape together, me and the big homey Scream. To be able to adapt to the situation, bro, and give these streets as much material as we can give them but the right material at the same time, we feel like this mixtape was the perfect time. The streets were asking for it. You ain't gotta take it from me: Ask the streets who got the best mixtape."

Joints to Check For

» "Boosie": "First song we decided to leak out was 'Boosie,' " DJ Scream said. "Plies is basically talking to anybody who got a situation where they might be incarcerated."

"It's 1:00 in the morning, Friday night all my niggas in the club/ Instead of ballin' wit some bitches I'd rather show some love ... Anything can come out of a nigga mouth but his real in his blood/ I make mistakes every day so how can I judge," Plies raps on the track, which samples the theme from the soap opera "The Young and the Restless."

» "All Out": "That's Plies at his best, getting down to it, giving you one of them club bangers, one of them street bangers," Scream said while sitting beside the rapper. "Something you can ride to. Something that's gon' beat up your trunk."

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