Neil Patrick Harris Encourages Gay Youth To 'Be Proud'

'When you get older, you find that people are actually drawn to individuals with different points of view,' openly gay actor says in video.

With the recent suicides of youths who have been bullied because of their sexuality — specifically the tragedy of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi — the subject of bullying has shot back into the headlines.

Several celebrities have stepped forward to offer their thoughts on the matter with MTV.

"How I Met Your Mother" and "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" star Neil Patrick Harris sent MTV a personally made video for our young audience.

"On the heels of a fourth kid who killed himself because of some anti-gay bullying, I heard that MTV was having people talk about it, and I wanted to get involved," Harris says in the clip.

"Here's what I can say: When you're young, when you're in elementary school, when you're in high school, it's important to try and fit in and be accepted and to be part of the average," the openly gay actor explained. "Everyone does it, that's the way it goes. But let me assure you, if you're getting bullied and feeling like you're on the outskirts, it gets better. Because, when you get older, you find that people are actually drawn to individuals with different points of view who are proud of who they are and who make interesting and different and unique choices for them — at least I am."

Harris went on to emphasize the fact that there is no need to harm yourself when something is going bad in your life.

"You can act with strength, you can act with courage, you can act with class and stand tall, be proud of who you are," he encouraged. "This is a good time we live in, and we're being granted more and more rights, and it will continue in that direction, and, yeah, be proud.

"But, for Pete's sake," he added, "don't cut yourself or jump off a bridge. Please."

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