Katherine Heigl On 'Grey's Anatomy': 'That Chapter Is Closed'

'Life As We Know It' star tells MTV News return would 'just feel manipulative.'

Fans of "Grey's Anatomy" said goodbye to Izzie in January, but that doesn't mean viewers and gossip-mongers don't wonder if Katherine Heigl could ever make a return to Seattle Grace, after leaving her life and her love, Alex, behind. But, at Thursday night's "Life As We Know It" premiere in New York City, Heigl seemed pretty sure that the prognosis for a return to "Grey's Anatomy" looked bleak. And, she had a good reason for saying so.

"That chapter is closed, and it's sad," she dished to MTV News. "And it's hard."

So, why not try to explore Izzie a bit further? Well, as Heigl explained, she didn't want any plots involving her return to come off as calculated. It just wouldn't feel organic for the actress, whose new movie, "Life As We Know It," co-starring Josh Duhamel, opens October 8.

"I can't think of any way that she could come back gracefully that wouldn't just feel manipulative," she explained. "And, it's hard, because I really wonder what she's doing and where she is and what happened, but that is over for me now."

Despite rumors of her diva-like ways on set, Heigl appears to hold the project close to her heart, even though she's left it behind to pursue big-screen projects. Earlier this year, she shared that she did miss the people she used to work with on the soapy medical drama.

"I really miss that relationship," Heigl said of her former onscreen romance with Alex (played by Justin Chambers). "Justin Chambers is one of the most amazing men, and certainly a spectacular actor. I feel oddly attached to him, and the character and my character being together. It just seems what's supposed to be, but you can't have it all."

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