'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie: 'I Regret What I Did To Sam'

But 'single Ronnie is a lot more fun than relationship Ronnie,' he adds.

As Angelina fumed and the Situation got creepy over the past few episodes of "Jerse

y Shore," the drama between Ronnie and Sammi faded into the background. That's probably how the two fist-pumping lovebirds wanted it.

They'd already packed a lifetime of emotional fireworks into those first episodes of season two, as

href="http://newsroom.mtv.com/2010/09/03/jersey-shore-season-two-episode-six/">Ron played kissy-face with other girls and Sam welcomed him into her bed at night. After the truth trickled out, she confessed to MTV News that her man was a "douche bag," yet they've repaired their relationship and have been chillin' drama-free for a few weeks now.

For his part, Ronnie is apologetic about what he did to Sammi, even as he minimizes the severity of it and continues to hold a fond place in his heart for his fun-loving, relationship-free self.

"I do regret what I did to Sam," he told MTV News recently. "I think if I would have did my dirt, came home and slept in my own bed, I would have been all right. But I do regret getting into the bed with Sam after."

Ronnie contends that the bulk of his bad behavior took place within the first week, claiming that by the time week two rolled around, he had left those eager Jell-O-shot waitresses behind for the comforting embrace of his true love. Yet regretful as Ronnie remains about what he put Sammi through, it's clear he's not having as much fun in a relationship as he had being single.

"I think that single Ronnie is wild and crazy," he told us. "I think single Ronnie is too wild at times, as you can see from the second season, first episode. I think relationship Ronnie, I have a level head, more focused. I need to find the balance in between, because when I'm single, I'm crazy wild, I don't care what I do, just living for the moment. I think single Ronnie is a lot more fun than relationship Ronnie, I gotta admit."