Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' Video: A Cheat Sheet

Here's everything you need to know before tonight's premiere of the singer's latest clip.

It's only a matter of hours before Justin Bieber bestows his latest video gift upon the world in the form of the clip for "U Smile." The video is the fifth off his March release, My World 2.0. It follows videos for his singles "Baby," in which he went bowling with Drake and Ludacris, "Never Let You Go," in which he hung out at Atlantis, "Somebody To Love," in which he threw a karate-themed dance party with Usher and finally "Eenie Meenie," in which he and Sean Kingston partied in the Hollywood Hills.

While details are scant about what will go down in the Alfredo Flores-directed video, which premieres on Thursday evening (September 30), Bieber has tweeted that it will focus on wooing a young woman who will apparently be an actress playing a fan that he falls in love with. It seems the idea was inspired by people wondering if he would ever date a fan.

"I took the opportunity 2 make a video 4 the fans, about a fan, and how we could fall IN LOVE," he tweeted about the forthcoming video. "Love Grows. #LoveGrows."

As for what Bieber and his lady pal might be doing in the video, photos taken from the shoot show him and his female lead outside a closed, run-down movie theater trying to break in.

Bieber spoke to MTV News in March about working on the track alongside songwriters Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino and Dan August Rigo. "I worked with August. I got him. He's a really good writer," the singer said. "The song is amazing. We really love the song, so we decided to cut it. It's really amazing."

At the time he further explained via Twitter, "It really is a throwback to the great records I listened to growing up. ... I wrote it for all my fans who got me here."

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