Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Take Their Places At 'American Idol' Judges' Table

Producer Nigel Lythgoe tweets picture of new judging lineup at New Jersey auditions.

For those wondering what it will look like when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler take their spots next to Randy Jackson at the judges' table on "American Idol" next season, Nigel Lythgoe is giving fans a sneak peek. On Tuesday, the "Idol" executive producer tweeted a photo of the new lineup.

The photo was taken at auditions in New Jersey, and in it Lythgoe seems to be directing Tyler, Lopez and Jackson, who all sit at their rightful spots at the judges' table, as host Ryan Seacrest stands by. "It's great to be back on American Idol," Lythgoe wrote. "The judges were great."

Earlier in the day, Lythgoe noted that the newbie judges were in a similar emotional state as many of the show's singing hopefuls.

"On my way to New Jersey for Season Ten's first audition in front of the new Judges," he shared. "Good luck to everyone & remember, they'll be nervous too. Very damp and gray here in New Jersey. Good luck to everyone auditioning today. Make sure you bring the 'sunshine.' We are just putting the final touches to the 'set' and lighting. The judges should be arriving in a moment. Outside is getting darker. Rain?"

So what sorts of judging styles will Lopez and Tyler bring to the show? "How tough will I be? I believe in tough love," Lopez said.

"But I don't think I will ever, as an artist myself, I could never be cruel to another artist," she added. "I think there are definitely better ways to get your point across. I've mentored on the show before, so I think people have seen that and kinda can feel how I'll be — or maybe they'll be surprised."

As for Tyler, he said, "We're sure going to send some people home with broken hearts. But with all that we've been through in our careers, living vicariously through the young talent out there, it's going to be hard. But it's also going to be fun, because they're stepping up to the plate, and so are we."

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