Did Kanye West Sign Charlie Wilson To G.O.O.D. Music?

'Would I like to be a part of the family? Probably would,' Wilson says about rumored signing.

[artist id="3056014"]Charlie Wilson[/artist] has been able to transcend generations with his magical voice since he started in the music industry way back in 1974 with the Gap Band. Wilson has since re-established himself in the game and picked up some new fans through successful collaborations with the likes of R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake.

A few weeks ago, another one of today's music superstars put the timeless vocalist to work: [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist].

"I got a phone call saying that 'Kanye wants you to come sing and do this one song with Beyoncé,' " Wilson recalled via phone from L.A. Wilson, who goes by the nickname "Uncle Charlie," eventually matched up schedules with West, and they met in Los Angeles, laying down "See Me Now," also featuring B.

"He said he wanted me to do one song," Wilson said. "One song turned into three."

The veteran singer was supposed to immediately go back in the lab with 'Ye, but the death of Wilson's brother delayed those plans. The pair connected a few days later.

"He said, 'Now is the time to do it. Let's rain. For real,' " Wilson said. "I went to New York, spent some time with him. That one song turned into a lot of songs. Everybody was coming in the studio. [Kanye] was like, 'Uncle Charlie, wow. Go get your iPod, get your hard drive. You got your hard drive? Might as well get him while he's here. While Uncle Charlie's here. Once he's gone, you might never get him back.' I had so much fun. There were so many superstars. It was just great. It was wonderful."

Of course, the list of celebs in the lab with Kanye and Wilson included Kid Cudi, Chris Rock, Swizz Beatz and Mos Def. Some of the Wilson-featured records that have been released as part of West's G.O.O.D Friday music giveaway also include "Lord Lord Lord" and "G.O.O.D. Friday." Obviously, Wilson and West share a musical bond, but Uncle Charlie said they are not contractually bound. Contrary to rumors, Wilson is not signed to G.O.O.D. Music, and Kanye doesn't appear on the singer's upcoming album. However, Wilson said they have unreleased songs in the can and plan to record even more tracks in the future.

"Not right now," Wilson answered when asked if he's inked a deal with the Louis Vuitton Don. "Hey, man, 'Ye is a good dude. He's honorable and a lot of fun to be around. Would I like to be a part of the family? Probably would. But right now, I'm under another obligation. I can't comment too much on that. I know it is a lot of fun over there, for sure."

Wilson just released a new power ballad called "You Are." It is the first release from his yet-untitled next LP, due later this year, the follow-up to last year's Uncle Charlie which debuted at #2.

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