Swedish House Mafia Movie Director Talks 'Take One'

Christian Larson was at the helm of upcoming documentary about superstar dance music trio, following the global phenoms for a year.

Last week, MTV News brought you the brand-spankin'-new trailer for "Take One," the highly anticipated documentary about Scandinavian electronic music rock stars Swedish House Mafia. We were lucky enough to catch up with the film's director, Christian Larson, who gave us a behind-the-scenes take on the doc. (Heads up, folks: The noted editor/director's editing prowess is on display in Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video among other clips.)

Signed to EMI earlier this year, Swedish House Mafia will premiere the film in the U.K. on Wednesday, and U.K. fans will be the first to get the documentary on DVD in late November (a U.S. DVD release date remains unconfirmed). SHM's "greatest hits" album Until One doubles as the doc's soundtrack and is due in October.

Larson traveled with SHM — Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello — as cameras rolled for virtually an entire year documenting the life of the holy trinity of house.

"We start off in Miami at WMC back in 2009," the director recalled of the trio's stop at that year's Winter Music Conference. "That was a big moment for them. They had just released 'Leave the World Behind,' " Larson said of their hit collaboration with DJ/producer Laidback Luke and singer Deborah Cox. "Then it goes all around the world through festivals in Europe and England, then small pieces from Dubai, Geneva, Brussels, Amsterdam. And then it pretty much ends in Miami again in 2010."

"Take One" marks one of the most ambitious documentary film undertakings with a dance music focus, and it's only fitting that Ingrosso, Axwell, and Angello are each charting superstar DJ/producers on their own. Their decision to join forces and form the Mafia has generated a fervor that has spread to the pop music world. N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams, for one, contributed bars to the trio's single "One," which charted this year at #1 on Beatport.com. And their latest release, "Miami 2 Ibiza," features a verse from one the U.K.'s hottest MCs, Tinie Tempah.

It's this rapidly swelling stardom that Larson sought to capture in "Take One." He relayed to us his first memory of hanging with the famed trio.

"I was on vacation in France and they had a gig in St. Tropez," Larson said. "And we ended up going to the gig and hanging out with them at the afterparty at 9 in the morning. Sebastian says, 'Why don't we go to lunch at this place?' I said, 'That's three hours away.' And he was like, 'Let's take a f---ing helicopter.' He goes and wakes up Steve and they take me along in a helicopter ride over the French Riviera and we have lunch and then the helicopter picks us up and takes us someplace else, and we end up at their next gig."

Larson added that fans can expect a linear rollout of SHM's eventful year in the film. "It's not narrated at all. It's just sequences of them and it's made into a story. It's all chronological. It's just me following them around and they become characters in their own film. It all happened pretty naturally. It was pretty easy because they are all such strong characters, all three of them."

Swedish House Mafia's album Until One will be available in the U.S. on October 26.