Baby Laments Lil Wayne Spending Birthday In Prison

'If he would have went in like he was supposed to, he would be home already,' he says of Weezy's sentence being delayed.

Cash Money CEO [artist id="1233850"]Bryan "Baby" Williams[/artist] is used to celebrating Lil Wayne's birthday alongside the multiplatinum MC. But this year, with Wayne in prison, Birdman can only count down the days until the rapper returns.

During the lead-up to Wayne turning himself in to serve his sentence, there were several delays (from dental procedures to a fire), and Baby lamented the fact that he and Weezy can't celebrate together now as a result.

"That f---ed with us," he told MTV News about the delays in Lil Wayne turning himself in. "Mentally, we were ready to do it. And when they had the fire, it really f---ed up, 'cause we were like, 'Get it crackin'.' Really, if he would have went in like he was supposed to, he would be home already. We didn't want to keep pushing that sh-- back, but things were happening. We just had to live with it. But any time your loved ones are leaving you in any kind of way, it affects you, 'cause we human, you love what you love. ... But he's home in a minute. We ready. We went through the storm and weathered the storm, so we here."

While Wayne wasn't able to celebrate his birthday with a party, he stayed active, phoning into MTV's "The Seven" while his protégé Drake was on air. The two spoke briefly, and the Toronto star wished Wayne a happy birthday.

Weezy is expected to be released from prison in November after serving nearly a year for attempted gun possession, stemming from a 2007 incident in New York City.

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