Lil Wayne Calls From Prison On MTV's 'The Seven' Premiere

He calls back to surprise protégé Drake, a guest on the new show.

MTV's brand-new show "The Seven" kicked off with a bang Monday (September 27), landing an interview with Lil Wayne, direct from Rikers Island, where the rapper is serving a one-year sentence stemming from a 2007 arrest on gun charges.

In the phone interview, Wayne talked about the inspiration behind the title of his new I Am Not a Human Being LP ("I just looked in the mirror, plain and simple," he laughed) and about his decision to release it while he's still behind bars.

"Making the album was totally fun, because I love recording. That's what I love to do, next to breathing," he said. "I made sure I had some material before I came in here to release while I was in here."

Wayne — who would later call into the show again to surprise Drake, who appeared as a guest on the show — also spoke about the support he's received from his fans, speculating that he's received "a million" pieces of mail and saying that the messages have inspired him to keep working hard at his music, despite the fact that he's still serving time.

"[The] fans have been more than unbelievable," he told "Seven" host Kevin Manno. "When I read those letters, that fan mail, and see what they say about what my music does for them, and how it helped them through situations ... to read that, that makes me take my words and my whole outlook on what I'm doing a lot more seriously.

"I probably get 150 pieces of mail [a day], and I probably read a good 30 each day," he continued. "I get to keep [the letters], I send 'em home. If I keep 'em in the cell, they say it's a fire hazard. Honestly, I await the mail every day."

He ended his interview by revealing what he hoped to do when he's released from prison — reportedly on November 4 — though, really, he could only talk about some of his plans on air.

"[I'm going to] hug and kiss my kids," Wayne laughed. "And, uh, after that, I don't think I'm allowed to say."

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