Lauren Conrad's Road Back To Reality TV

After time off to build her empire — books, fashion lines, cosmetics contracts and more — 'The Hills' star is ready to make another MTV hit.

Since she left "The Hills" in 2009, Lauren Conrad seemed to welcome her time away from the spotlight. But in a surprise move last week, she announced plans to return to MTV in a new docu-series about launching her latest fashion line. So what brought about LC's change of heart?

Although the reality starlet had popped up as a guest judge on "America's Next Top Model" and made one last appearance on the "Hills" finale aftershow in July, she was in no hurry to begin documenting her life again for public consumption. Instead, she focused on other projects, including a clothing line with Kohl's called LC Lauren Conrad and two novels, "L.A. Candy" and "Sweet little Lies." The third in the series, "Sugar and Spice," comes out next week, as does her fashionista guide, "Lauren Conrad Style."

Earlier this year, when we asked her about returning to television, LC was hesitant, saying that her plate was already full. And it was a sentiment she had previously shared when we caught up with her in June '09, shortly after she walked away from her hit MTV show.

"I wouldn't do a show like 'The Hills,' " she told MTV News at the time. "Nothing with my personal life, but possibly something hosting. I think I have a little bit of time to figure out what I'm going to do next."

Over time, however, it seems LC was softening to the idea. In February, she said that while she wasn't ready to make the leap back to the small screen, she wouldn't rule out behind-the-scenes opportunities.

"The only other thing I'd love to do right now is producing," she explained. "I'm just kind of looking for the perfect project because I think the first thing I do I really have to love, so I want to wait until I really have enough time to commit to a series."

That project turned out to be her own documentary series, which will put her back in front of the camera. "I am so excited to be rejoining the MTV family," Lauren said in a statement about her new TV venture. "The new project will follow me as I develop my new contemporary line and also touch on my other businesses."

At least LC has one great lesson she learned from her previous forays into reality TV. "I didn't learn a thing! I'm the same as I went in," she joked back in July. "I learned not to take yourself seriously!"

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