30 Seconds To Mars Call 'Hurricane' Video 'Meditation On The Violence Of Sex'

'It's a very ambitious project,' says frontman Jared Leto.

Based on what Jared Leto has already told us, 30 Seconds to Mars' upcoming "Hurricane" video is going to be "very, very sexual," and may feature a cameo from Kanye West.

What else can Leto tell us about the video? Well, since he's still planning it, there's not a whole lot more he's willing to reveal, but he does have a concept that he's more than happy to discuss. A dirty, dangerous one.

" 'Hurricane' as a video, like I said before, is going to be very, very sexual," he said. "It's basically a meditation on the violence of sex, and the sex of violence ... and it's going to be quite an adventure."

It sure sounds that way. Of course, there's still a long way to go before the band even starts shooting the clip — trying to schedule the thing in-between dates on their Into the Wild Tour is proving to be quite the challenge — but Leto is determined not only to get it done, but to make sure it lives up to the rather epic standard of the band's earlier videos, including the VMA-winning "Kings and Queens" and the soul-saving "Closer to the Edge."

And while the stress of pre-production has left his voice a little ragged (that and the singing), Leto says not to worry: Not only will "Hurricane" happen, it's going to be the kind of video 30 STM fans have come to expect from the band: very, very big.

"We're in the midst of plotting and planning right now ... my voice isn't worn out just because of the singing; it's been a really intense time, without much sleep," he said. "[The] 'Hurricane' video is shaping up to be quite an undertaking. We may be shooting in New York City and it's a very ambitious project."