30 Seconds To Mars Call 'Hurricane' Video 'Meditation On The Violence Of Sex'

'It's a very ambitious project,' says frontman Jared Leto.

Based on what Jared Leto has already told us, [article id="1647807"]30 Seconds to Mars' upcoming "Hurricane" video[/article] is going to be "very, very sexual," and may feature a [article id="1648693"]cameo from Kanye West[/article].

What else can Leto tell us about the video? Well, since he's still planning it, there's not a whole lot more he's willing to reveal, but he does have a concept that he's more than happy to discuss. A dirty, dangerous one.

" 'Hurricane' as a video, like I said before, is going to be very, very sexual," he said. "It's basically a meditation on the violence of sex, and the sex of violence ... and it's going to be quite an adventure."

It sure sounds that way. Of course, there's still a long way to go before the band even starts shooting the clip — trying to schedule the thing in-between dates on their Into the Wild Tour is proving to be quite the challenge — but Leto is determined not only to get it done, but to make sure it lives up to the rather epic standard of the band's earlier videos, including the [article id="1647660"]VMA-winning "Kings and Queens"[/article] and the soul-saving [article id="1645808"]"Closer to the Edge."[/article]

And while the stress of pre-production has left his voice a little ragged (that and the singing), Leto says not to worry: Not only will "Hurricane" happen, it's going to be the kind of video 30 STM fans have come to expect from the band: very, very big.

"We're in the midst of plotting and planning right now ... my voice isn't worn out just because of the singing; it's been a really intense time, without much sleep," he said. "[The] 'Hurricane' video is shaping up to be quite an undertaking. We may be shooting in New York City and it's a very ambitious project."