Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being: Otherworldly Flows And STDs

Drake, Nicki Minaj and the Young Money crew help Weezy celebrate his birthday with latest release.

Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being LP dropped digitally at midnight on Monday (September 27), giving fans the chance to celebrate Weezy's birthday with a load of otherworldly flows and soundscapes. The mother ship has landed.

Early releases from the album have given it a good head start. The title cut has a video in heavy rotation on various outlets, while the lead cut, "Right Above It" with Drake, was a #1 single on the Billboard digital downloads chart. Drizzy appears on several other songs off the LP as well. The Toronto native brings the 1960s throwback soul on "With You," as Wayne pledges his love to a woman who is "badder than a 3-year-old."

"Damn, you the sh--," Wayne sings on the chorus. "I will rip my heart out and hand you the sh--."

The duo bash their competition on "Gonorrhea" where they don't necessarily focus on the dreaded venereal disease, but mostly admonish spineless MCs.

"I kind of just did my verse when I heard the beat. I knew what the song was called and what it was about eventually," Drake told MTV News last week. "Wayne's a character. Expect the unexpected, I guess. It's funny and it definitely makes people pay attention. It's like, 'Chlamydia! Oh, I should listen to this, maybe it's educating me.' It's crazy. But people like it. I got a lot of good feedback on the verse. I think the project is just a lot of Wayne songs that, it's that stuff that people want to hear."

Nicki Minaj checks in to sing the hook on "What's Wrong With Them."

"The time's up/ Put your signs up/ Made 'em pick my dude out the lineup," she croons. "Baby, what the f--- is wrong, wrong with them?/ What the f--- wrong, wrong with them?/ You see, many are called/ Very few are chosen/ Looking at the wall/ You can feel them close in/ Baby, what the f--- wrong, wrong with them?"

Weezy comes in with his abstract insight: "Mind over matter/ Money over all," he raps. "The world is on my shoulders/ Shall I dust my shoulders off?/ Uzi rat-a-tatter, knocking over walls/ F--- the bullsh--, but just don't f--- it raw, man."

The rest of Wayne's Young Money family checks in throughout the LP on tracks such as "Young Money Salute" and "Hold Up," while the Birdman Jr.'s Cash Money labelmate Jay Sean is featured on "That Ain't Me."

Three more songs will be included on the physical album of I Am Not a Human Being, which drops on October 12.

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