Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' Video Premieres This Week

Bieber will release the video 'in 3 days,' he tweeted Monday.

Justin Bieber will premiere the video for his latest single, "U Smile," this week. The singer tweeted the release announcement and gave Beliebers some insight into the clip.

"In 3 days U SMILE video comes," he wrote early Monday (September 27). "And I took the opportunity 2 make a video 4 the fans, about a fan, and how we could fall IN LOVE. Love Grows. #LoveGrows."

Bieber continued to discuss love and the possibility of dating a fan, tweeting, "U know u wake up and you go online sometimes and see your words twisted or isolated from the whole meaning. It is frustrating.... ...you become guarded. Sometimes u don't know who to trust. U say one thing to someone and it comes out totally different.... ....that is why i like twitter. i can say it how it is. no one twisting things so people want to know where it is," he explained. "My fans and i we LOVE EACH OTHER. But to be IN LOVE with someone u need to get to know them personally I get asked all the time would I date a fan and my answer I would date whoever I fall IN LOVE with, and yes that could be a fan."

The singer is reportedly currently dating singer Jasmine Villegas, who's opening for him on his My World tour.

Earlier this month, Bieber was spotted shooting the video for "U Smile," which was directed by Alfredo Flores. In photos from the shoot posted on Idolator, Bieber is shown dressed all in black, trying to woo a teenage girl near a run-down movie theater. Back in March, he explained that the song was a great vintage-tinged track. "It really is a throwback to the great records I listened to growing up. ... I wrote it for all my fans who got me here," he wrote.

Bieber also spoke to MTV News in March about working on the track alongside songwriters Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino and Dan August Rigo. "I worked with August. I got him. He's a really good writer," the singer said. "The song is amazing. We really love the song, so we decided to cut it. It's really amazing."