Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong To Appear In 'American Idiot'

Rocker will make Broadway debut in play he co-authored.

[artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has a major Broadway production, "American Idiot," on the legendary New York theater row but the rocker has never actually graced a Broadway stage — until now.

Armstrong will appear in the rock opera this week, from Tuesday until Sunday, at the St. James Theatre. The Green Day lead singer, who co-authored "Idiot," will play St. Jimmy; a role typically helmed by stage performer Tony Vincent, who will be on leave for a family matter.

In the days before the production opened in April, Armstrong explained to MTV News that when creating the band's hugely successful 2004 effort American Idiot, the trio sought to break the mold with their music but still retain some of the themes they've championed since their debut in the late '80s.

"Right around 2003, I think, as a band, we wanted to have a monumental moment. We wanted to make a concept album, we knew that," Armstrong said. "Politically, when we were writing it, American Idiot was trying to make sense out of a big mess. We were trying to find something to believe in. It's about people becoming lost and trying to find their way. And I think that's been going through our songs since 1988."

Even though "Idiot" was initially released as an LP, Armstrong said they always envisioned the project as a theater production.

"This album is our baby. To see it get put in the hands of other people, it's great," he said. "We've always thought that somehow there should be some sort of stage version, because that's what was going on in our heads."

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