Lil Wayne's 'Not A Human Being' Video Dissected

'He's almost grown into a mythology now,' director David Rousseau says.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne's[/artist] otherworldly talents have inspired the rapper to dub himself "a Martian."

And for

target="_blank">his latest video, the title track to his forthcoming album I Am Not a Human Being, director David Rousseau explored the reference.

"It's one of those things where you can interpret it like we're trying to dissect who Lil Wayne is," Rousseau told MTV News. "How does his mind work? He's almost grown into a mythology now. He's not even human. He's like Michael Jordan. The way Michael Jordan dunks a ball wasn't even human."

The frenzied video features Lil Wayne and his glow-in-the-dark tattoos contrasted with images of written rhymes splashed across the screen.

Rousseau said the images were meant to provoke deeper thought into Wayne's writing process.

Oftentimes, the director said, because of the rapper's personality, the ideas of his lyrics aren't fully comprehended.

"It's just that dissection of the myth and the man, separating him from the lyrics," he explained. "Because he's one of those artists where people hang onto every lyric. He's not just rapping about anything, you know? Read between the lines and find out what his message is about and stuff. It's kind of pointing fans at doing that.

There's a deeper meaning to what he's rapping about, and you gotta get in there."

A leaked version of the video hit the Web last week, but the complete "I Am Not a Human Being" clip was released Wednesday.