Katy Perry's 'Sesame Street' Ban: Russell Brand And Elmo Weigh In

'Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D,' Perry's fiancé tweets.

If his recent airport scuffle taught us anything about lanky, snug-trousered British comedian Russell Brand, it's that the "Get Him to the Greek" star will stop at nothing to defend the honor of his beloved bride-to-be, [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist].

So it was just a matter of time before Brand weighed in on the Perry "Sesame Street" boob-gate, which resulted in the vaunted children's program announcing this week that the too-hot-for-toddlers segment featuring Perry, her cleavage and Elmo duetting on the singer's "Hot N Cold" would not air due to concerns from some parents.

Good old Rusty Rockets took to his Twitter feed Friday morning (September 24) and joked, "@katyperry today's Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D." And, as if he needed the directions, Brand followed up with, "@katyperry Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sex-with-me Street?"

For her part, Perry, who recently wore a Muppet-themed dress on a red carpet, also took the canning in stride, tweeting Wednesday, "I can totally tell you how to get to Sesame Street! I've been, Elmo & I hang out," including a YouTube link that no longer works.

Perry figured out a work-around by Thursday, when she posted an update alongside the clip. "Wow, looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short! If you still wanna play see it at www.katyperry.com Tag you're it, Elmo!"

Sesame Workshop announced the cancellation Wednesday, citing complaints from some parents about what they perceived as Perry's revealing outfit, but on Thursday, the show's producer, Carol-Lynn Parente, told "Good Morning America" that nobody thought there was a problem with the segment until it debuted online earlier this week and the comments started flooding in.

"We would never, never produce anything that we thought was inappropriate. We were surprised not only by the amount of feedback but how fast it came in," Parente said. "It was a lot. ... We have a great interactive relationship with our viewers, particularly parents. They trust 'Sesame Street.' We take that seriously, and so we viewed a lot of the feedback and made what we thought was an appropriate decision."

As evidenced by the robust mix of positive and negative comments on the Perry clip, Parente said reaction was "very split ... very different." Appearing alongside Parente, Elmo himself said he's not done with Perry yet. "Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time. So we'll have another date," he said, popping up from behind the anchor couch. "Yes, yes, Ms. Katy. Come, come, come, come, we'll have another play date!"

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