Adam Lambert Recalls Lady Gaga, Madonna Career Advice

'You just have to count on yourself and go for it,' Lambert says Gaga told him.

Adam Lambert has managed to speed through every stage of fame during his brief time as a celebrity. He's been loved by his fans, hated by his critics, released an album and hit the road for his first headlining tour. And Lambert has managed to deal with all the pressures of fame thanks to some great advice he's gotten from two very famous ladies.

"She told me about the previous three years. She worked really, really hard before she made it. She told me there's no glamour, you don't get a lot of sleep, you don't get a lot of stability in your social life — you just have to count on yourself and go for it. It was a good pep talk," Lambert told Australia's about his pal Lady Gaga's advice. "And she was right."

Like Gaga, Madonna, has warned Lambert about some of the negative sides of fame, including all those haters. "She told me that you can't get wrapped up in all the media and message boards, that everyone's going to have an opinion. People will criticize you, especially when you're doing it well. You can't do much better than getting career advice from Madonna," he said. "She's the queen, right? I've [learned] there are plenty of challenges, but if you work hard enough you can arrive. You find a spot for yourself and get to communicate with your art and hopefully inspire people. That's what I'm working towards."

Like both those iconic women, Lambert has become a bit of a face for the gay community. But he doesn't want that to be the only thing he's known as.

"I'm very comfortable with my sexuality and I have no qualms talking about it," he said. "It's important for me to be bold about it. There are not a lot of examples of that in pop culture. I'm happy to fill that role.

"But I did an interview the other day and every question was a sensationalized question about being gay and the gay lifestyle. There's a fine line," he continued. "As open as I am to mentioning it, I'm not a gay spokesman. I'm a singer. I'm an entertainer who happens to be gay. I'm going to work hard with the next album to make that the message. When the first line is 'Openly gay singer Adam Lambert ...' it gets a little frustrating. The singer part should definitely come first. That's what I do."