Justin Bieber's 'CSI' Cameo Shows Off Dark Side

Fans will have to wait until February for Bieber's story line to continue.

The appropriately titled season premiere of "CSI," "Shock Waves," found the CSIs chasing down a bomb suspect with a grudge against the cops. With the investigators each dealing with ongoing physical and emotional damage from various other traumatic events, they had to put those feelings aside to chase down the McCann brothers, two young men with some authority issues.

After Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne) is stabbed by inmate Nate Haskell, it's assumed Haskell is the man behind the bombing at a funeral for a dead officer attended by Nick Stokes (George Eads). When they realize that the killer's MO doesn't match that of Haskell's, they are on the trail, looking into every lead, which includes two very key clues that bring us to Jason McCann, played by Justin Bieber in his acting debut.

We first meet Bieber at a community center, where he is defending the man who helped raise him, Ralph. "Ralph was no criminal," Bieber says. "He's a decent man. He took my brother and I when we had no one."

But it's not long before Bieber and the CSIs meet at the community center, where they are trying to track down a cell phone used to detonate one of the bombs. In Bieber's several scenes, his biggest and most convincing acting comes during his interrogation by Stokes.

After learning that a young man fitting McCann's description bought a toy plane, also used in the explosion, he sits down with the teen to try to find his brother, Alex, the main suspect in the explosion. Bieber is certainly new to acting, but he shows some quick wit and certainly has a screen presence, not to mention that signature hair, while delivering his lines alongside the veteran "CSI" actor.

"Where's your gun, your vest, your badge? You're off work or something?" Bieber quips. "You still represent the authority, everything I hate. It's probably like you hate me."

Soon, however, McCann's confused-kid nature starts to show as he opens up to Stokes about his brother's vindictive nature against the police. "They're going to kill him, aren't they?" he asks about his brother, who most likely is the guy out to settle scores by blowing up cops. "I didn't have anything to do with the bombs. I just bought the airplane."

Soon, we learn that Ralph, the man who cared for the boys, was arrested, though it is never said why or if he actually deserved it. "When the cops arrested Ralph, Alex snapped. Ralph was like a father. He was a decent man," he said, adding his brother's motives: "He told me he was going to scare the cops. He's got a house in old Henderson. You'd better hurry. That show at the funeral was just fireworks compared to what's coming."

Stokes is soon off to find Alex, though it really isn't too hard to find him. Alex is caught buying supplies to make more bombs and is killed by the cops when he pulls his gun, leaving Jason without his older brother but the CSIs with lots of evidence in the back seat of Alex's car.

The evidence? He wanted to blow up police headquarters. Jason's story is kind of left up in the air, but not without one more explosion at an abandoned building being investigated. The catch: Alex was already dead when the explosion was set off. And, with Bieber in custody and an evil look in his eyes, it seems he's keeping the family business alive.

So what will happen when Bieber's McCann returns? Well, fans will have to wait until February to find out.

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